Real Estate Glossary

This glossary covers terms that every real estate investor should understand before buying, selling or flipping real estate. This is a great primer for new investors to learn the terminology, and also for seasoned investors looking to brush up on their technical knowledge when preparing to do business.

For an alternative glossary of real estate investment terms in list format, click here.

What Is a Default Notice
What is a Fee Simple Estate?
What Is a First Mortgage?
What Is a Fixed Rate Mortgage
What Is a HUD 1 Settlement Statement
What Is a Judicial Foreclosure?
What is a leasehold estate?
What Is a Legal Description?
What is a Lock in?
What Is a Mortgage Banker?
What is a No Cash-Out Refinance?
What is a prepayment penalty?
What is a Public Auction?
What Is a Purchase Agreement?
What Is a Rate Lock?
What Is a Sale Leaseback
What Is a Seller Carry Back?
What is a settlement statement?
What Is a VA Mortgage?
What Is an Acceleration Clause?
What is an Assessor?
What Is an Assumable Mortgage?
What Is an Escrow Analysis?
What Is an Exclusive Listing?
What Is Appraised Value?
What Is Appreciation?
What Is Assignment?
What is Bond Market?
What Is Certificate of Eligibility?
What Is Chain of Title?
What is Condominium Hotel?
What is Effective Age?
What Is Escrow Disbursement?
What Is Firm Commitment?
What is flood insurance?
What Is Homeowners Warranty?
What Is HUD Median Income?
What Is Lock in Period?
What Is Loss of Rent Insurance?
What is Modification?
What Is Mortgage Life and Disability Insurance?
What is negative amortization?
What is Note Rate?
What is Partial Payment?
What Is Pre Approval?
What Is Prepayment?
What is Prequalification?
What Is Qualifying Ratios?
What Is Quitclaim Deed?
What Is Revolving Debt?
What Is Right of Survivorship?
What Is Subordinate Financing?
What Is Sweat Equity?
What Is Transfer of Ownership
What is Truth in Lending?
What Are Discount Points?
What Is a Balloon Mortgage?
What is a co-borrower?
What is a conventional mortgage?
What is a deed in lieu?
What is a fixture?
What Is a Grantee
What is a home inspection?
What Is a Homeowners Association?
What Is a Lender?
What is a loan officer?
What Is a Loan Originator?
What is a Mortgagee?
What is a recorder?
What is a title search?
What is an amortization schedule?
What Is an Executor?
What Is an FHA Mortgage?
What Is Assessed Value?
What is credit history?
What Is Delinquency?
What Is Earnest Money Deposit
What Is Encroachment
What is Eviction?
What Is Fair Market Value
What is FCRA?
What Is Fee Simple?
What is a joint tenancy?
What Is Judgment?
What is personal property?
What Is PITI?
What Is Principal Balance?
What Is Right of First Refusal?
What Is Secondary Market?
What Is Tenants in Common?
What Is Transfer Tax?
What Is a Cash Out Refinance
What Is a Grantor
What Is a Note?
What Is a Subdivision
What Is a Title Company?
What Is an Encumbrance?
What Is an Origination Fee
What Is Assumption?
What Is Community Property?
What Is Default?
What Is Lien?
What’s COLL?
What Is a Mortgage Broker?
What is a point?
What Is a Real Estate Agent?
What is a Secured Loan?
What Is Application?
What Is Closure?
What Is Contingency?
What Is Homeowners Insurance?
What Is Maturity?
What Is Owner Financing?
What is Principal?
What Is Vesting?
What Is A Bill of Sale?
What Is a Condominium?
What is a Creditor?
What is A Second Mortgage?
What Is Assessment
What Is a Balloon Payment?
What is Debt?
What Is Down Payment
What Is Liability Insurance?
What Is Real Property?
What Is a Record?
What Is Survey?
What Is a Credit Report?
What is a Deed?
What is a Home Equity Line of Credit?
What is a Loan?
What Is a Promissory Note?
What is Collateral?
What Is Commission?
What Is Depreciation?
What Is Eminent Domain?
What Is Hazard Insurance?
What is Margin?
What is service?
What Is a Bridge Loan?
What is a Certificate of Deposit?
What Is a Line of Credit?
What is a trustee?
What Is Amortization?
What Is an Asset?
What is an easement?
What is common law?
What is foreclosure?
What is Title Insurance?
What are closing costs?
What are liquid assets?
What is a broker?
What is a deposition?
What is a jumbo loan?
What is a lease?
What is a mortgage?
What is an appraisal?
What is bankruptcy?
What is equity?
What is liability?
What is Power of Attorney?
What is a prime rate?
What is security?