Turnkey Cash-Flow Investment Properties

Turn-key rental properties can provide great returns for investors who don’t have the time to buy, repair, rent and manage rental properties. Legitimate turn-key companies can be hard to find, but I have spent a lot of time researching turn-key companies and only refer companies that have been in business for years and done hundreds of deals.

Example of a turn-key property

Turn-key properties are constantly being sold so I cannot update this page with actual properties for sale, but if you fill out the form below a turn-key company can give you details on actual properties for sale now. Below is a turn-key property I am in the process of purchasing.

Built 1997, 3 Bed, 3 Bath, 1436 SQFT

Rent: $800

Taxes: $1,107 (yearly)

Insurance: $600 (yearly)

Management: $768 (yearly)

NET ROI-14.24%

What other expenses would there be?

There will also be maintenance and vacancies that you have to account for. The estimates for those would be:

  • Vacancies: $480 (yearly)
  • Maintenance: $480 (yearly)

What are the annual income and returns?

  • Gross income $9,600
  • Expenses $3,435
  • Net Income: $6,165

ROI on cash purchase: 13.7 percent

This house is very inexpensive, but it’s Zillow estimated value is $65,000. I don’t count on Zillow, but that shows me this turn-key is not grossly overpriced.

If you would like a custom report on turn-key properties that fit your needs and more information on turn-key rental property companies, please fill out the form below. Your contact information will not be given to anyone, except a turn-key rental property company.

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